DAT Poker Podcast: WILD Hustler Live Stream Drama

Daniel Negreanu und Terrence Chan (dieses Mal ohne Ross Henry und Adam Schwartz) widmen die neue Ausgabe des DAT Poker Podcasts ebenfalls der berühmten J4off Hand im Hustler Casino Live Stream.

WILD Hustler Live Stream Drama – DAT Poker Pod Episode #131

Time Stamps

0:00 Recapping The Hand and Speculation Of Cheating Between Robbi & Gman
7:30 Daniel’s First Take
19:00 Continuing To Break Down Robbi’s Logic
22:45 Being Staked By Another Player In The Game (Rip)
25:00 Giving the money back to Garrett (admission of guilt?)
31:30 Exploring Different Ways To Potentially Cheat
40:00 How Sure Are We, Really?

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