Las Vegas – Farah Galfond im $100k Big Game

Phil und Farah Galfond diskutieren über die privaten Cash Games in Las Vegas. Der Poker-Pro schaffte es, seiner Frau einen Platz im Big Game zu besorgen. In diesem Video sprechen die beiden über Swings, Nosebleed Limits und die ungeschriebenen Gesetze.

I Bought my Wife into a $100,000 Poker Game!!!


00:16 The Big Game
01:35 The First Time Farah Sat Down to Play
02:30 Farah’s First Win
03:09: The Feeling of the Game
04:56 Farah Goes Against Her Stop Loss
05:27 Becoming Immune to High Stakes
06:35 Farah’s Takeaways from the Experience
08:32 The Politics of Private Games
10:01 The Perception vs. the Personal Experience of Working with a Private Game Host

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