Poker Life Podcast: Degen Stories, GTO & High Stakes w/ Nick Petrangelo

Die neuste Folge des Poker Life Podcast mit Joey „joeingram1“ Ingram. Dieses Mal ist Nick Petrangelo zu Gast.

Nick Petrangelo (Top Poker Player) || Poker Life Podcast


Start: Intro + Massive Cash Games On Gg (500/1k/2k)
7:55: Nick’s Backstory Into Poker
16:28: GTO Beard Strat (Important Discussion!)
18:10: Quarantine Life Changes (+ Mountain Biking Gto)
34:06: State Of The High Stakes Poker Ecosystem
41:35: Baby Corn / Solving + Twisting ?!?! (Ool Talk)
45:15: Firing Shots At The Meditating / Over-The-Top Healthy Living Crowd (Bang Bang)
48:05: Nick’s Incredible Beer Reviews / Troll Videos (Nick – We Want More!)
50:04: Upswing Poker™ Tournament Course
53:10: The Question As Old As Doyle: Are Poker Training Sites Ruining Poker? (Spoiler: No, Everyone Still Sucks)
59:45: Upcoming Cash Game Course + How Tournament Strat Has Evolved Over Past Year
1:05:40: Hand Review Where Nick Gets Ool (Classic Nicky P)
1:13:53: Is Nick Currently In A Dorm Room? Ryan Depaulo (Shoutout) Asking The Tough Questions
1:15:34: Degen Stories (Roulette Sims)
1:18:52: Sport Hobbies (Golf / Hockey)
1:22:30: Potential Night Out With Limitless? + More Baby Corn Strat
1:28:40: Dealing With A Downswing
1:37:15: Poker Goals Looking Forward
1:43:53: Investment Strat / Crypto (Say No To Shitcoins)
1:45:40: Are Live Tournaments Going To Be Tougher Post-Covid?
1:48:12: Evolution Of Icm Understanding (Too Much Strat For A Joey Pod Smh)
1:53:25: American Regs Vs. European Regs
1:55:45: Douglas Polk Vs. Daniel Negreanu Dick Swinging Contest
2:05:30: Who Are The Best Players Today + Board Game Strat (Firing Shots At Board Game Nerds)
2:13:05: Difference Between Good And Great Players (High Stakes Regs Vs. Super High Stakes Regs)
2:32:45: How To Maintain Success In Poker / Minimize Variance / Should You Fire That 6th Bullet?
2:42:50: $180k Confiscated From Poker Player (Allegedly) + Solutions To Bum-Hunting Culture
2:58:35: Number One Piece Of Poker Advice

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