Poker Life Podcast – High Stakes Swings mit JRB


Die neuste Folge des Poker Life Podcast mit Joey „joeingram1“ Ingram. Dieses Mal ist Jean-Robert Bellande zu Gast.

Jean-Robert Bellande Talks Postle, 53s Hand, High Stakes Swings & more


1:26 JRB Explains How His Life Is Changing Now That He Has Children, and The Private Games He Plays In, and Working w/ Andrew Robl
6:06 Joey and JRB Discuss the “Highs and Lows” of High Stakes Poker and Shutting Off Emotions + Making the Table Atmosphere Fun Even When You Lose
12:30 Joey Asks JRB His Thoughts on Public vs. Private Games
14:50 JRB Explains Seeing the Poker Change to a Game of Integrity, Rather Than “Cheating and Exploiting Suckers for the Max”
17:16 ICONIC Bobby Baldwin Poker Story
18:24 Joey Asks JRB About His Origins in Gambling and in Poker
23:59 JRB Explains How Casinos Paid Him to Play at Their Casinos!
25:20 JRB Talks About the Biggest Pot He Won at 400/800 and How He Found His First “Poker Mentor”
29:28 JRB’s Thoughts and Reflections on Survivor
34:48 The Infamous 53s + AA Back to Back Hands!
44:28 Why JRB Did Not Run The 53s Hand Twice + The Benefits of Only Running It Once If You Have the Money
46:26 Joey and JRB Review the Edit Joey Made! (Link at the End of the Timestamps!)
52:17 Are There Hands Where JRB Wins Big Pots On Stream?
53:40 Joey and JRB Talk About the Mike Postle Situation, and How Does JRB Know That He’s Not Getting Cheated in His Own Private Games
1:01:05 Shoutouts?! And Questions From the Chat!
1:01:23 Biggest Pot JRB Ever Played? + His Relationship w/ Andrew Robl
1:06:55 Is JRB Playing in Rob’s Game on PokerGO?
1:08:32 Why JRB Came on the Poker Life Podcast + Why Joey Started Making Content
1:11:50 Does JRB Play THE GREAT GAME of PLO?
1:13:10 Nick Schulman and JRB Pool Story + 80’s Music Dancing
1:17:10 Does JRB Know a Bunch of Different Languages + Outro