Poker Life Podcast: Ike Haxton über Weed, Fake News & Cancel Culture

Die neuste Folge des Poker Life Podcast mit Joey „joeingram1“ Ingram ist Ike Haxton zu Gast.

Inside The Mind Of Issac Haxton (TOP HIGH STAKES POKER PLAYER!)


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10:20 Corona in the USA, cancel culture, fake news
26:11 Ike on poker and why is he playing online a lot, poker in the future, ICM positive/negatives and how it works
58:11 New models/studies in poker, Fortnite and poker, changes in the poker ecosystem and opportunities
1:18:11 Poker from Ike POV, what after poker, new players young talent advice discussion
1:41:05 Learn to play tournaments profitabile in 2020, being best in the world, shoutouts to chat
1:53:00 Ike reaction to TonyG stacking Nikita, weed and poker, MTTs needed changes, rake structures and payment processing
2:13:45 Spending money to make money, answering chat questions, variations of styles between the pros, different ways of approaching poker and more

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