Poker Life Podcast – Rob Yong Talks Million Dollar Poker Sessions

Die neuste Folge des Poker Life Podcast mit Joey „joeingram1“ Ingram. Dieses Mal ist Rob Yong zu Gast.

Rob Yong Talks MILLION DOLLAR Poker Sessions!


2:55 What’s Rob Up To in NY? + The Need for Regulated Online Poker in America
16:40 PartyPoker’s Future Improvements and it’s Software Tech Improvement Situation
21:05 Questions From 2+2 Thread
30:19 The problem with “Bot Solvers” and How to Fix Them
41:10 Rob’s Answer to why PartyPoker has been making -EV business moves for the overall well being of poker
46:00 The Security of PartyPoker
50:28 Real Name Tables vs Screen Name Tables
56:36 The Truth About High Stakes Poker From a Business Perspective
1:04:30 Joey’s Sidebar on the Cases That Don’t Get Made in Poker
1:07:49 PartyPoker Staking People For Their Guarantees?
1:12:13 Rob’s Stance on 2+2 + Toxicity on Poker Twitter
1:21:13 How Rob Manages His Businesses
1:26:30 Rob’s Opinion on The Phil Ivey Baccarat Case
1:37:30 Rob Answers Some Questions From Twitter
1:40:09 Rob’s Thoughts on Triton Poker
1:49:11 Aussie Matt (Matt Kirk) Stories + The Matt vs Leon Situation
1:55:59 Tom Dwan Stories + Outro

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