Raise Your Edge: Die with Zero (Bill Perkins Interview)

Die Poker Trainings-Plattform Raise Your Edge liefert auf YouTube kostenlosen Content. In diesem Video mit bencb789 gibt es ein Interview mit Bill Perkins.

Die with Zero | RYE Podcast with Bill Perkins


03:40 – Bill Perkins vs Landon Tice
09:40 – History behind Bill and Landon
10:50 – Bill’s study routine
16:03 – Bill’s advice when it comes to making crucial decisions in life
23:50 – Breaking the habitual way of life
31:50 – Balancing work with enjoyment
48:45 – Giving back to those close to you without them taking it for granted
52:15 – Regrets Bill has from his 20-30’s
58:05 – Defining happiness
1:03:30 – Bill’s journaling/modelling routine
1:10:15 – How being overwhelmed with options can lead to choosing none
1:45:42 – „If you only had $10k, what would you do starting today to make money?“
1:57:00 – „What would be your advice for a middle-aged person looking to balance their life more?“

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