Runchuks Poker Podcast: Life advice from Bill Perkins

Runchuks mit einer neuen Folge seines Poker Podcasts. Zu Gast ist Bill Perkins und der Geschäftsmann spricht über seinen Werdegang, Poker, Geld und warum Erinnerungen am wichtigsten sind.

Life advice which will help you get the most out of life – Bill Perkins (Runchuks Podcast)


00:01:40 The book – Die With Zero
00:02:44 Wall Street
00:06:41 The goal of Die With Zero
00:10:04 Pivotal moments of Bill’s life
00:12:39 Your Money or Your Life
00:17:27 Time is money
00:26:04 Figure out what you want to do
00:30:56 We retire on our memories
00:37:58 Risk-taking
00:49:52 Life on autopilot
00:52:10 The greatest invention of mankind
00:54:03 Aha moment
01:02:52 Questions to ask yourself
01:05:56 Coin flip trip
01:09:22 Step out from the comfort zone
01:13:31 Gifting money vs gifting experiences
01:16:19 Movement is life
01:20:24 Galfond Challenge
01:24:36 Bill Perkins on Poker
01:29:57 Wasted talent

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