Runchuks Poker Podcast: Underground Poker Scene In New York

Runchuks mit einer neuen Folge seines Poker Podcasts. Zu Gast ist John Curry, der über die Underground Poker-Szene in New York und Philadelphia.

John Curry on underground poker scene in New York (Runchuks Podcast)


00:01:19​ How John Curry got into writing
00:05:32​ The casinos came to town
00:09:30​ Moving to New York and sleeping on a couch for one year
00:11:18​ The three generations of New York poker games
00:18:53​ The gun incident
00:29:33​ Running the first home game
00:38:19​ Playing in your own game
00:40:14​ New York
00:43:30​ Why do people play in the underground games?
00:49:27​ Casino legislation
00:53:28​ The craziest thing that happened while running a home game
01:07:55​ The stolen gun
01:18:38​ New York home game raids
01:23:51​ Home game rake
01:29:33​ Rigged games
01:36:45​ A word for nits
01:41:10​ John Curry
01:44:40​ Publishing the book
01:52:43​ Self-publishing books
01:57:12​ The thing with art
02:03:30​ Process of writing a book
02:04:51​ „We Run Bad“
02:10:05​ Oh, what a loser
02:12:10​ Give it a try
02:15:11​ Movies
02:22:12​ The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t with Her Mind
02:23:44​ It’s all about how it’s written and how it is sold
02:30:03​ GameStop short squeeze wave
02:55:07​ Ponzi scheme
02:56:52​ We Run Bad on Amazon

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