Steve O’Dwyer – Lufthansa, High Roller Sheriff & Irland

Steve O’Dwyer ist zu Gast im Podcast von Dan Cates. Der US-Amerikaner spricht unter anderem über das Drama mit der Lufthansa, seinen Werdegang als Poker-Pro, warum er als „Sheriff“ bekannt ist sowie seine Liebe zu Irland.

#47 Rare Interview With POKER SHERIFF Who Seized Over $33M | „Jungleman“ Dan Cates and Steve O’Dwyer


0:50 A victim of grave injustice – don’t fly Lufthansa
10:45 Struggles when starting out in poker
14:49 The journey of a poker tournament
22:32 Known for his hero calls
28:06 The Sheriff
30:45 If you’re not looking bad often, you’re doing something wrong
35:00 Morocco – Escaping a civil war and a pushy customs agent
43:21 – The Irish Open – The most emotional win
45:35 Dublin is better than London
47:29 Speculating on ancient civilizations and a quest to Guatemala to become The Jungleman
55:02 O’Dwyer’s Lucky Charms
1:14:53 An unlucky Luxon hat and a magic conch shell
1:20:19 Practical and mystical advice for tournament players

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