Jonathan Little – Rounders, Billions, & Poker with Brian Koppelman

Ein neues Video von Poker-Pro Jonathan Little. Dieses Mal gibt es ein Interview mit Brian Koppelman.

Rounders, Billions, & Poker with Brian Koppelman


0:49 – How have you been spending your time during this quarantine?
3:20 – What are the morning pages?
7:15 – What is the Mayfair Club?
15:05 – What is your favorite story from the Mayfair Club?
16:50 – Going over the famous Teddy KGB hand
22:13 – Will there ever be a Rounders 2?
23:30 – Discussing online poker in America.
28:40 – How is it writing with a writing partner?
30:30 – You’ve written for all of the biggest names in Hollywood, what is that like?
32:23 – Can you describe Billions?
33:37 – Can you share some tips on being productive and happy during this time?
38:38 – How do you take a hectic work schedule and produce great work from it?

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