Mustapha Kanit – Magic: The Gathering, Poker & Investment

Mustapha Kanit ist zu Gast im Podcast von Dan Cates. Der Italiener spricht über seine Zeit als „Magic: The Gathering“-Spieler, wie er zu Poker kam, das stetige Lernen, und wie er zu seiner Reputation kam.

#50 Italy’s Craziest Poker Player? | „Jungleman“ Dan Cates and Mustapha Kanit


00:47 Magic: The Gathering – Because He Had To
5:15 A Tough Road To A Poker Dream
11:54 The Origin of Lasagnammm
12:33 The Importance of the Grind and Poker Vs. Higher Education
17:15 Who Can Succeed At Poker?
19:13 The Fun and Crazy Guy Reputation
25:03 Talking Poker Hands
33:36 Money Mistakes and Investment Talk
39:14 Mustapha Gets Very Excited For the Lightning Round

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