no tissue please


yes, please no tissues in the toilette und außerdem plaese no stories about your pokercards ehrlich nicht das eine verstopft the toilet but therefore you can schmeiss your handdescriptions in selbige as mentioned before oder so ähnlich i really mag no kartenerzählungen with good oder bad ausgang es interessiert me really not the bohne if you win seven five oder if you verlor ace queen suited ehrlich nicht stories about that are derselbe bullshit wie mir everything zu erzählen in this funny twolanguage sprache die irgendwie no sinn ergibt and also hurt meine ohren if you understand what ich mean and also please no anreden like digger alder or fuck this you can all put in the toilet but no tissues bitte they verstopfen the toilet bad beat geschichten hingegen do my ears verstopfen and my brain and that is also not gut really not gut more bescheuerter is to talk to mich and erzähl mich any handverläufe ohne punkt und komma to tell me this is not good es ist more a time bad beat it is waste time we could wunderbar use for reden about fussball or redwine or hübsche junge girls i know that this is not einfach for the most kartenvergleicher of you and i also keep myself away from übersteigerte erwartungen but i will be very happy and dankbar and i have anlass for freude if this could be möglich denn you know everything is möglich at the river and vielleicht also auch bei talking about the fucking river