Laegoose: Nash Equilibrium, GTO & Dream Machine

Oleg Ostroumov aka Laegoose ist zu Gast im Podcast von Dan Cates. Der Entwickler der Dream Machine spricht über das Nash Equilibrium, GTO und die Entwicklung von Solvern.

This Man is Solving Poker and Wants to Solve it for You – May GTO Be With You


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1:00 Working With the Big Names in Poker
4:50 The Beauty of Nash Equilibrium
7:58 Best Response – Predicting Your Opponent’s Strategy
10:33 Early to the Game with Solvers
14:09 A Bet to Disprove Nash Equilibrium and Other Failures
18:51 Making the Case for Solvers
23:11 Ancient Wisdom – Jungle’s Solver Realization
30:42 Who is Better at Poker – Man or Machine?
39:35 All the Possible Solvers
45:14 Dividing the Shares – The Worth of a Solver
50:27 The Untold Effects of Making Money
54:59 Finding Meaning in the Work You’re Doing
1:01:06 Groundbreaking CFR Work

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