Raise Your Edge: RaúlGonzalez im Podcast Interview

Die Poker Trainings-Plattform Raise Your Edge liefert auf YouTube kostenlosen Content. In diesem Video mit bencb789 gibt es ein Interview mit RaúlGonzalez. Der deutsche High Roller beendete kürzlich seine Karriere und spricht mit Ben über seine Karriere.

HEADS-UP LEGEND Shares His Journey! | RYE Podcast with Raul Gonzalez


01:45 – Podcast starts
04:52 – What did Raul do before he started playing poker?
08:08 – Has Raul ever worked a „regular“ job?
09:06 – What was poker providing that a „regular“ job couldn’t?
12:47 – Was it the competitiveness or complexity of poker which appealed most?
17:13 – How does Raul control the emotions/mental aspects of poker?
20:35 – Outperforming opponents due to smarts as appose to fundementals
29:30 – Discussing Linus Love
31:40 – GTO vs general skill at the top level
37:35 – The strongest and softest opponents Raul has faced in his career
51:45 – Why has Raul retired from poker?
54:02 – Raul’s plans from here on out
58:53 – Discussing the 9-5 workday/varied productive work hours
1:08:35 – Raul’s and Ben’s experiences with staking
1:20:55 – What did Raul’s study routine look like?
1:26:04 – What game was Raul’s favourite/best at?
1:28:25 – The difference between those who consistantly win and those who give up with poker
1:50:53 – Will we see Raul come out of retirement?

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