Raise Your Edge: What It Takes To Be A Poker-Pro w/ Jason Koon

Die Poker Trainings-Plattform Raise Your Edge liefert auf YouTube kostenlosen Content. In diesem Video mit bencb789 gibt es ein Interview mit Jason Koon.

WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A POKER PRO | RYE Podcast with Jason Koon & Bencb


02:08 – Does a cooler mindset help in high-variance games?
03:48 – Why did Jason start playing shortdeck?
10:55​ – What is Jason playing at the moment?
13:58​ – What would the young Jason Koon have done differently?
16:28​ – How did Jason evolve as a poker player in his earlier years?
18:33​ – Does poker need to be discussed in order to be „solved“?
22:23​ – Advice for those who feel overloaded and struggling for motivation/focus
36:43​ – Can anyone become a professional poker player?
43:23 – Who has Jason worked with to help him through any obstacles in his career?
59:48​ – Has Jason considered streaming?
01:00:41​ – Study routine discussion
01:23:17​ – Has the growing amount of series and big online tournaments caused fatigue?
01:35:48 – Jason’s upcoming projects

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