Runchuks Poker Podcast: Fedor Holz On Achieving Peak Performance

Runchuks mit einer neuen Folge seines Poker Podcasts. Zu Gast ist Fedor Holz. Der Poker-Pro spricht unter anderem über das bevorstehende Match gegen Wiktor „Limitless“ Malinowski.

Fedor Holz on learning poker and achieving peak performance (Runchuks Podcast)


00:01:25​: Match against Wiktor ‚Iimitless‘ Malinowski
00:08:49​: Mental game
00:16:31: In the zone
00:21:01: New information
00:27:10: How to ask the right question
00:30:56: Ways of learning
00:37:25​: The right questions
00:44:45​: Beating mid and high stakes
00:48:06​: Focus level
00:53:51​: Out of the comfort zone
00:58:13: Solver traps
00:59:53: Who is Fedor Holz?
01:05:15: What do you want to do?
01:09:15: Identity
01:13:46​: Opportunities
01:26:01: Picking your dreams
01:30:33​: I can do anything, but I can’t do everything
01:31:37: Current challenges
01:37:57​: Nothing is everything
01:42:43​: Taking time off
01:47:17: The path is not straight

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