Runchuks Poker Podcast: Raulgonzalez Retires And Shares His Insights

Runchuks mit einer neuen Folge seines Poker Podcasts. Zu Gast ist RaúlGonzalez. Der High Stakes Grinder spricht über sein Karriereende, wie er Millionen gegen BERRI SWEET liegen ließ, wie er Isildur1 ausnahm und ihm Schulden erlassen musste sowie viele andere Themen.

High stakes online poker legend RaulGonzalez retires and shares his insights (Runchuks podcast)


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:58 Meet ‚RaúlGonzalez‘
00:03:54 Why RaúlGonzalez is retiring from poker
00:06:45 Sauce123 or BERRI SWEET
00:07:51 Setting up a high-stakes HU match
00:11:46 The journey to the top
00:17:28 Switching from 6max to Heads Up
00:19:11 Studying the game
00:30:43 Switching to Mixed Games
00:34:22 The most memorable matches
00:36:09 Isildur1 insane career
00:39:34 Dealing with swings
00:44:45 Meteoric rise
00:47:28 Germany’s new poker legislation
00:53:17 Key lessons from poker career
01:00:27 What does it take to reach the top?
01:08:22 Being self-critical
01:15:00 Using solvers and enjoying your studies
01:19:21 Biggest misconceptions about solvers
01:23:42 Recognizing mistakes
01:30:14 Deviating from GTO
01:34:25 Future of poker
01:38:21 Real-Time Assitance
01:45:12 Why people cheat?
01:51:09 App games
01:54:12 It’s time to retire
02:00:36 The match against BERRI SWEET
02:06:59 How do we measure who are the best poker players?
02:12:02 Qualities to look for in other poker players
02:15:47 Life after retiring from poker
02:21:34 How much RaúlGonzalez improved in the past year?
02:25:31 RaúlGonzalez graphs
02:26:27 Achieving success in poker
02:28:38 At what point money stopped being a factor
02:35:08 The origin of ‚RaúlGonzalez‘ screen name
02:36:47 What did his family and friends think of him playing poker professionally

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